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Long Boots


We are delighted to share with you the launch of #PCPIONEERS.

As Penelope continues to meet so many wonderful people on the shop floor, out and about, or via social media and mutual admiration, we are excited to launch #PCPioneers with a group of customers who inspire her as a designer with their creative, individualistic approach to life itself.

These women are pathfinders and discoverers, doing things their own way and all are connected through their passion, skill and love of life. They share one key message with us, ‘Go Anywhere and Do Anything’.

Each of these inspiring women has been photographed at home, in their own environment, surrounded by home comforts, wearing classic Penelope Chilvers styles.  Each have offered exclusive insights into how personal courage to do things ‘their way’ empowers us all to feel we too can ‘Go Anywhere and Do Anything”, particularly in a pair of Penelope Chilvers.