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Martha Sitwell



Introducing PC PIONEER, Lady Martha Sitwell, a side saddle equestrian, fashion designer, make-up artist and writer. Martha was first scouted to be a model by Vivienne Westwood, she soon became the face of Royal Ascot and has remained a style icon ever since. Every horsewoman longs for an item of Martha’s Sitwell and Whippet clothing brand. She rode 500 miles across Mongolia, in honour of her sister’s memory, raising money for the charity Mind. Martha’s love for adventure is synonymous with our brand ethos, “Go anywhere, do anything’. A woman of many hats who isn’t afraid to break the mould.

Our brand is inspired by the Spanish equestrian aesthetic. What is it about equestrian life that you love so much?

What I love most about equestrian life is horses. Winston Churchill was right “there’s something about the outside of a horse that’s good for the inside of a man” but there’s something inside horses that’s good for me too and I suspect I’m far from alone in having built love and trust with some horses far greater than with any other animal, including humans.

If you could go riding with anyone, who would it be?

Lady Jane Digby, I don’t know whether I would like her, and I’m not sure that she led a happy life, but I am fascinated by her. After various rather explosive marriages and many more affaires, all over Europe and with everyone from kings and princes to an Albanian bandit with whom she lived in a cave in Greece. She finally found her perfect love, he was a Bedouin Sheik, 20 years her junior and she spent the rest of her life with him, often travelling with his tribe or staying in the beautiful house and wonderful garden that she built for them in Damascus. She died in 1881. It wouldn’t be an easy life to live now, she must have been a woman of truly extraordinary character and resilience to live it then.

What’s the secret to dressing well in the country?

The secret to dressing well anywhere is wear what suits you. Don’t worry about what’s in fashion, style never goes out of fashion. And layers are great at stopping one turning blue. I advocate Silk and wool.

You are known as the side saddle stunt woman, with a thirst for adventure, riding side saddle all the way to Mongolia for charity. Did you ever doubt your ability to succeed and, if so, how did you overcome it?

We rode across Mongolia, from China to Russia and yes, every single day from the day we decided to do it, to the day that marked the halfway point of our journey we doubted we could do it. But after halfway well you’re on the homeward run and you’ve got that far-the rest isn’t going to be any harder, you’ve effectively already done it, it’s just a matter of finishing it.

You have chosen the Midcalf Tassel Boot from our collection. Can you tell us why?

I thought they were the most versatile for me, they look just as smart with jeans for walking the dogs as they do with my big Sitwell & Whippet plus 4’s for shooting, my Spanish “courto” trousers and tweed riding habit when I’m in Spain, and they look cute with a little tea dress and cardigan for weekends.


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