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Afua Hirsch


Afua Hirsch is a writer, author, broadcaster, and documentary maker. Growing up as a mixed-race girl with a middle-class upbringing, her lifelong quest to get to grips with the questions of race, class and gender in our society prompted her to write her 2017 Sunday Times bestseller, Brit(ish): On Race, Identity and Belonging. She continues to make sense of the injustice and unfairness she sees in the world, combining her passions of African heritage and human rights, to tell truthful stories and communicate creatively about how we can reimagine the future.

You have chosen the Long Tassel Boot from our collection. Can you tell us why?

I love being outdoors and walking long distances, but I want to look stylish - and feel warm - with it. These boots are so elegant, flattering, and comfortable - the perfect combination.

We aim to make boots to empower and liberate women to “Go anywhere and do anything”. What will do you in yours?

I work so hard travelling, having to pitch things perfectly, under pressure to perform. So giving myself permission to roam freely, with no timetable, no demands, feeling and looking my best - is beyond liberating, and exactly what I plan to do in these boots.

You’re a natural storyteller and you skilfully do this through many different mediums. Why is the art of storytelling so important to you?

Culture is nothing more than a collection of stories we tell ourselves about who we are. For me telling stories that are creative, challenging and authentic is a mission that can shape and update our culture.

You are just about to start filming your second season of African Renaissance, what are you most looking forward to experiencing on your documentation of travels?

I have an endless appetite for art and culture, like a child in a sweet shop, the thought of experiencing creative projects and spaces I have never seen before is like heaven for me. I am also always juggling so many things, there is something weirdly cathartic about being on these documentary shoots, just doing one thing, and totally immersing myself in it, which I relish.

How do stay true to yourself and your own identity?

I hold myself accountable to my younger self. I remember what it was like to struggle, to feel alienated, to lack the knowledge and language to understand things around me - if I can reach that young person, and make it better for her, then I am doing the right thing.

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