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Long Boots


SUSAN BENDER is a creative director, editor and freelance stylist. She is a luxury brand specialist utilising her skills in marketing, business development, leadership and organisational management to build strategic partnerships. She is a contributing editor at Vogue and has styled shoots for publications including British Vogue, Vanity Fair and Sunday Times Style.

Susan Bender

What will you be doing in your PCs & why did you choose your style?

…I’ll be staying local and walking everywhere. Now that autumn's here, I'll be taking long walks in the park with my husband wearing my Stevie boots. The shape of the boot is perfect for everyday wear and so versatile. It can be worn with so many different looks. I like a style that ticks many boxes.

What projects are you currently working on?

I’m working with a few charities on a couple of projects supporting women. Working with @hellocreatively a new job platform to help designers and other creatives find work. My first #CreativeClass for the platform is 'Creating a Moodboard’. I am also working with Bicester Village and The Princes Trust on a charity collaboration.

Susan Bender

Susan Bender

What is your favourite creative output?

Dancing, it’s one of the freest forms of expression.

Do you have any adventures planned for when this pandemic is over?

Yes, dancing for days on end. I’d love to plan a tour around England's coastline and I’m definitely going to Glastonbury next year.

Susan Bender

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