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Penelope Chilvers is inspired by the Past with Respect for the Future

We love the natural world and want to play a part in the Green Revolution to fight climate change.


Back to Slow

We believe in 'Back to Slow' - our footwear and accessories are designed with quality and longevity in mind. We design timeless pieces, made to last and consider the full product lifecycle, including the materials used.

Makers in Mind

We don't work with middlemen. We enjoy a close, direct relationship with our makers. We make everything close to home in small family-run factories in Spain, where a wealth of shoemaking tradition has been passed down through the generations.

A Man Making Shoes


The Old in the New

We are passionate about keeping dying crafts alive. We work closely with the artisans, who have taught Penelope over the years, and we encourage age-old techniques, knowing that these are often more sustainable than newer ones. 

Replaceable Sole

The majority of our collection is made using the Goodyear welt™ construction, which ensures a longer lifecycle for the shoes, often 10 years or more, if cared for correctly. Goodyear welt™ construction allows for the shoes or boots to be entirely resoled. 

Chelsea Boots

Pile of Fabric and Leather

Made to Order

The beauty of producing close to home means we don't need to order en masse. Surplus raw materials are re-purposed. You will often see a repeated design or material in our collections. We call these Waste-Not-Want-Not-Pieces.  

No Plastico

We avoid using plastic as much as possible in manufacturing and packaging. Our packaging is minimal and plastic free. We choose biodegradable materials over non-biodegradable.

Cardboard Shoes Boxes

Pile of Fabric and Leather

Vegetable Dye Leather

We source our sustainable 100% vegetable dye leathers from a Spanish tannery with over four generations of experience. The hides are dyed using the natural plant barks of the Quebracho and Mimosa trees. Vegetable dyeing is more environmentally friendly than chrome tanning and is the most traditional method for adding colour to leather.

Made In Spain

Spain is the home of the brand with a strong Spanish equestrian heritage at the heart of it. Spain has a long tradition of shoemaking and leather craft and our factories are family owned businesses whose knowledge has been passed down through the generations. We choose to manufacture close to home, in Spain, to keep our carbon footprint low. By manufacturing our collection of leather boots, shoes and accessories within Europe we can make orders that fulfil demand without overproducing and creating waste.

Cardboard Shoes Boxes


Photography by Emma Hardy