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Thomasina Miers



Thomasina Miers is a cook, food writer, campaigner and co-founder of the Mexican street food restaurant, Wahaca. She is passionate about where our food comes from, connecting communities and putting us in touch with the earth that feeds us. Thomasina believes that eating delicious, nutritious food allows children to grow in good health and adults, young and old, to live life to their full potential.

What made you choose this style from the collection?

I get cold in the winter so love the idea of my feet being snug, whether I am on my bike, in the garden, or out on the town. The style works brilliant from day to evening, as I am often going on to events from work, and I love a flat boot as I am always so active, running around town.

We aim to make boots to empower and liberate women to “Go anywhere and do anything”.Where are you going to in yours?

Hopefully to Mexico and beyond! To farms and schools, gardens, and restaurants where I can continue to cook and talk about food being delicious AND nutritious…

We have a waste not want not approach to design. What is that one ingredient that you use in its entirety without waste and how do you use it all up?

Well, I have recently started a Bokashi fermentation system for all our food waste so essentially, we are using up everything we don’t eat to be recycled into compost for our garden which is hugely exciting. Whenever I buy chicken, I buy a whole one so that I can make stock from the bones, use the leftovers in a huge plethora of delicious recipes and make sure I don’t waste anything. And I love making pineapple shrubs from the core and skin of the pineapple–it is delicious with sparkling water and lime in hot weather.

You are the mother of 3 girls. What advice will you give them when it’s their turn to make their way in the world?

I love the Japanese philosophy behind Ikigai. All of us need to feel we have a purpose in our lives to make us feel truly happy. I really believe in it is core to being fulfilled in life.

Tell us about your favourite family recipe.

My grandmother was a very glamorous model in the 1940s, originally from Tennessee, but ending up in Wales. She made a legendary leek quiche that, to this day, we pray we will be cooked when we go to stay with my parents. My father makes the shortest, most buttery, crumbliest, lightest shortcrust pastry; my mother makes the lightest, cheesiest, souffle-like top, with sauteed leeks. The result is off the charts delicious, always served with my mother’s classic green salad. It is a meal fit for a king.


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