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Tassel Boots


SCARLETT CURTIS is the author of Feminists Don’t Wear Pink and Other Lies & It’s Not Ok to Feel Blue. She is an advocate for mental health, has a feminist podcast and organised the #FreePeriods campaign to fight period poverty.

What will you be doing in your PCs?

They are the perfect boots to wear when you’re going on a big walk in your pyjamas on Christmas Day but still want to look a bit fancy! I’m in love!

Why did you choose your style?

I actually bought myself a pair of the Long Tassel boots before I moved to New York and they got me through four very tough years of snow, sludge, New York dirt and running around the city when I was late. They are the perfect boots and somehow miraculously still completely intact. This time, I wanted to go for a short pair for days when I want something a bit more casual. I love the fluffy lining as my feet get VERY cold and I think these short ones look perfect with a long dress or skirt.

When did you realise you were a feminist? And how did you know that you wanted to actively do something with it?

I started reading a lot of feminist books when I was a teenager. I was unwell and they really helped me make sense of the world and the world of medicine which isn’t exactly a ‘feminist’ place. I went on to study women’s social movements at university in New York and got very involved with some grassroots feminist collectives in the city. It all began then!

You are a huge spokeswoman for mental health, was it hard for you to speak out publicly? Was it a surprise to you when you realised that you would be able to help people through your own experiences?

I think I started speaking out to help myself more than to help anyone else! I needed to know I wasn’t alone, and the Internet seemed like a good place to start. I’m endlessly surprised by the bravery of people who speak out and endlessly shocked at how few resources there still are in the UK for people to get help. If I can add my voice to this movement in any way, then it’s a privilege.

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