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Vanessa Breuer


VANESSA BREUER is a mother of three, model, chef, and sustainability advocate. Vanessa's passion for the natural environment and outdoor living led her and her family to settle on the idyllic island of Ibiza where she has a relaxed style that is synonymous with our brand ethos 'back to slow' and favours working with sustainable brands, that use natural conscious materials.

Which style did you choose and why were those the pair for you?

I chose the Oscar Leather Boot in Khaki/Tea Rose and the Cropped Leather Tassel Boot in Tan because I like comfortable boots that can be dressed up and down in winter. I don’t usually wear heels; I like shoes that I can ‘just throw on’ probably because I am used to wearing no shoes in summer!


We love the idea of our customers and Pioneers taking our shoes around the world as they live out their various adventures. Tell us a little about what you will be doing in your PC’s over the next few months?

This year has been hectic with lots of travelling all around the world. So am looking forward to some quiet winter months on the island of Ibiza, where I live. It’s the perfect time for hiking and spending time in the garden, enjoying the winter sun.


You have a very natural look and style, which really drew us to you for our campaign shoots. Tell us a bit about your approach to fashion and your go-to-uniform day to day?

I am all about comfort. I love clothes that aren’t restricting, low-maintenance and are ‘built to last.’ With 3 children I can’t have clothes that need to be dry cleaned. In summer I love dresses, usually out of a light cotton or linen and I am a total jeans and T-shirt kinda girl. I am not into big brands or labels at all. I like natural materials and sustainable, smaller labels, that make things that I can cherish.


You’re also a mum to 3 beautiful daughters. What would you say motherhood has taught you, and what do you hope to teach them?

It has taught me so much patience and empathy – and to really being present and in the moment. I love being with my girls so much, but it’s not always easy and they drive me crazy at times, but it’s about striving to take it all with humour. Most of the times certain behaviours triggers something in ourselves and rather than pointing the finger at their behaviour it teaches us to go inward and figure out why it triggers us. My children are my biggest teachers. I love teaching them how to cook and my passion for nature and where things come from. I love helping them to be aware of their surroundings and be kind to others and themselves. I hope I am setting a good enough example!


You had two of your daughters at home with only the assistance of a doula. Please can you tell us a little bit about this experience and any advice for women preparing for birth?

I think women can be empowered by studying the female body and birth in particular. The more you educate yourself the more strength you can draw; knowledge = power. When it comes to birth, we’re all different, and women should decide where they feel most comfortable - because only if you feel comfortable and safe you can have a good experience.

Our bodies literally open up to birth a child, and this can only be done if we let go and feel comfortable. For me I feel safest at home, so that’s why I chose to birth there. I also love being surrounded by my things, my people and my smells and I wanted my child to be born into that environment. With my third daughter I took it a step further and stayed in our guesthouse (where she was born) for a whole month and I can only recommend staying close to your child for the first weeks. Because in retrospect these weeks are so important to learn their language and their little moves, so there is little need for them to cry out for you. You are right there to see the signs. I wish I would have done this with my first two, I really believe that is why my third is so calm and communicative without crying because she knows I understand her.


You and your family are based out in Ibiza, what are the secret spots we should be heading to when we visit?

Well, I am biased, but I love the north! Not sure if these spots are secret anymore but one of my favourite places for lunch is Cala Xuclar in summer. I also love the hike at the Xaracca headland that leads to a cave.


Our brand is rooted in heritage and slow fashion, and our collections pay homage to pieces that are built last. Which heirloom wardrobe items are you excited to pass on? 

I keep most of my clothes for many many years however I have also moved continents 3 times, so I had to give up a lot of beautiful pieces. I kept all my jewellery, from my grandmother and mother and I am excited to keep them for my girls. I also keep a lot of their baby clothes that one day they can maybe give to their babies...



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