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Ginnie Chadwyck-Healey


Introducing PC PIONEER, Virginia (Ginnie) Chadwyck-Healey is a sustainable fashion advocate, journalist, stylist, ambassador of SmartWorks Charity and a mother of 3. After having worked at British Vogue for 12 years she decided to leave with the aim of bringing ethical awareness to her readers and followers through her weekly column in the Telegraph and through her VCH Style website. Ginnie, rightfully says, ‘Buy fewer, better quality pieces and you can’t go wrong’. A motto that we, at Penelope Chilvers, wholly agree with.

Where did your passion for sustainable style come from and how do you create a sustainable wardrobe?

It was an organic 'wake up and smell the coffee' moment after I had left Vogue. I realised the need for newness was driven by the need for monthly magazine content, and daily newsletter content...but the reality is that we don't need half the things we think we do, and we certainly all have a responsibility now to shift the way we consume, and the way we shop.

You encourage us to embrace the need for less and to shop better. What makes something a lasting style?

It has to be versatile, it has to be practical, it shouldn't be 'off limits' or for 'best'. That doesn't mean buy safe and boring garments, it just means the garment has to bring you joy every time you wear it and I think we all have to get better at shopping well beyond the first, second or 22nd outing! You know when you've bought something new, you wear it and then it loses its wow factor. We have to really quiz ourselves as to whether we are going to absolutely love something for years, possibly even pass it on to children or godchildren or nieces/ nephew.

How has your style changed since you moved from town to country? And what made you decide to make this move?

It's not changed hugely. I just have to now shop for garments that work in the city and in the country. I don't have 2 wardrobes 'for work' and 'for home'. I actively picture 'can I wear this on the train?', 'Will this feel smart enough for a work meeting in the city?', 'will this look ridiculous on the school run?'
I love the city, I love the buzz, I miss the galleries on my doorstep, I love London-but in my heart I know I'm someone who needs the green, the calm, the pause, the privacy of being away from the big smoke. 

You have chosen the Jump Boot from our collection. Can you tell us why? 

I always look for the gaps in my wardrobe. I have so many wellies but for days when you just want to pull on something more sturdy / waterproof than a pair of trainers the Jump Boots are ideal. They’re also not bulky so could work for me as a city look too - they’re not just for outdoor pursuits. See?! Always thinking ‘how many ways to wear?. 

Ginnie pictured with her son, Walter who is wearing our Mini Tassel Boots in Conker.


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