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Yomi Adegoke


Introducing PC PIONEER, Yomi Adegoke, a multi-award-winning journalist and author. In 2018, she co-wrote Slay In Your Lane and is releasing her sensational debut novel The List this year, which is available to pre-order now.

Your debut novel, The List is very excitingly now available for pre-order. How has the shift into fictional writing been for you?

It's been a huge challenge but one I've embraced! I know most writers hate reading back their writing but when it comes to journalistic writing and non-fiction, I've never had that issue. Whereas with fiction, it's a skill I've had to hone and learn, so reading back my stuff was a much less enjoyable process! I've very much had to take my ego out of it as it's all new to me. There's also something far more revealing about fiction than non-fiction writing I think - even though you're making stuff up, it feels more revelatory, like giving someone a glimpse into your subconscious. It feels inherently cringe, having people read things that you're making up in a way that takes some getting used to.

You have so many beautiful works of art in your home. Who are your favourite up and coming artists at the moment?

Thank you! I love art and have a lot of work by black artists up, including a current favourite Shannon Bono. I got her piece of hers for my living room and it completely transformed the space. Another artist I love is Charlotte Edey - I have a print of hers and a big tapestry on one of my walls which everyone comments on when they come around, she's so talented!

You have been referred to as a “frontline pioneer” for your work on race, feminism, popular culture. At what point did you realise you had the power to make people listen and take note?

At university, I started a pop culture blog for fun (I was studying law and not enjoying it!) and it gained a lot more traction than I expected. I was surprised people took the time to read it, as it was just my opinions, and I was no expert. An acquaintance of mine who used to read it once messaged me asking if I'd ever considered writing as a job - it hadn't really occurred to me before he said it and I couldn't conceive of someone paying for my writing, but it started to make me think about whether it was something I should take more seriously. That was the first time I thought I should look at it as a career. 

We aim to make boots to empower women to “Go anywhere and do anything”. What will you be doing in yours? 

They're a lovely staple boot so I'll be likely doing a lot in them! Taking them for walks in the park but also wearing them whilst I'm out on the town and going for a slightly more laid-back look. 

You have chosen the Oscar Lined Boot from our collection. Can you tell us why?

They go with everything! I love a staple boot and I think they manage to be practical without being boring - the pop of green adds a bit of pizzazz to it but doesn't clash with much!


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