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Equestrian Inspirations

Equestrian Inspirations
Our equestrian roots are at the heart of Penelope Chilvers, from our Spanish riding boots to our Horsebit Clog, we find creative inspiration in the art and leatherwork of saddlery itself and the artisans that work so beautifully in this space. It also takes us right back to the very beginning of our story. A time when our founder and creative director, Penelope, lived in the city of Barcelona—working as a painter and designer on amazing projects such as the restoration of the Picasso Museum— and spending her lunch breaks riding in the Collserola national park, in the hills above the city. To do this, she always wore her bespoke Spanish riding boots; snug-fitting, handmade, butter-soft leather boots, layered with intricate detailing and handmade by inspirational artisans. These were boots designed for kicking up dust and living life, and they fuelled an idea in Penelope. Working alongside the local makers she knew so well, she designed and bought back, a small collection of these riding boots to sell in the U.K, and from here Penelope Chilvers began...

A piece of Penelope Chilvers footwear is an investment, which if cared for will last well over a decade, ask Penelope’s husband who’s worn the same pair for 18 years! Classic designs are important to us and our equestrian style is the heart of this; pieces that never feel dated, or age-appropriated, but timeless—with an easy, always-in-style aesthetic. Across the years, our horsebit details, intricate studwork and folk-inspired weaves have held their own; slow fashion in lieu of fast, always elegant, always relevant. And, they’re utilitarian too, like the very boots they were inspired by. Un-fussy, un-precious and made for adventure. This means that their materials are as thoughtful as their designs. The local artisans we work with, use time-honoured, traditional methods and select 100% natural products; including oiled suedes and naturally dyed leathers, all chosen to wear beautifully. This means Penelope Chilvers products are designed to show their history, taking on an easy lived in look and ageing with nobility, like the Spanish riding boots from which they were first imagined.

And we’re not the only brand to take equestrian inspiration, the horsebit has been a part of big fashion house collections across the years; Gucci, Chloe and Todds, have all found beauty in its romantic shape and adventurous connotations. Our most popular piece last season, the Horsebit Clog joins this narrative; thoughtfully designed to capture the beautiful slip on/slip off nature of a nomadic gaucho-style existence, but in the most stylish of ways. This shoe has stolen the hearts of so many customers because it’s one of the most versatile pieces in our collection. Gemma Sort Chilvers, our treasured stylist, and part of the PC family described the appeal perfectly ‘I think it’s so loved because it’s chic and elegant but keeps a bit of edge via the stud-work. The timeless shape goes with everything, and depending on how you style it, can feel playful, formal, relaxed, practical—it’s the ultimate all-rounder. Plus it’s on a turned wooden sole with a rubber base, so it’s supportive, a pair of shoes, that once you wear. you can’t help but hold your head up high in!' And to us, that’s our North Star, pieces that no matter the season, outfit or occasion, will help you look and feel great, and never go out of style...

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Kate Hudson
15 August 2021 at 09:35
I love your clogs. They are so beautiful and comfortable!
Penelope Chilvers
17 August 2021 at 14:19
Thank you so much Kate - so great to hear!