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An Ode to all things Dali...

An Ode to all things Dali...
You will probably be familiar with Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali, but it's unlikely that you’ll be as familiar with his espadrille collection...or be aware that his summer shoe of choice was, almost exclusively, a lace up espadrille with a jute sole. Our aptly named Dali espadrilles are the PC tribute to this footnote in fashion — a genuine celebration of the Catalan heritage and pride these espadrilles represent. Each region still has their own specific style, defined by the shape, colour, or application of their ribbons! Our Dali is a piece of this history, a story of Spanish culture, made exclusively by Spanish artisans, using the same time-honoured traditions as they would have in Salvador's day.

Designed for comfort, elegance and versatility, our Dalis look great alongside floaty florals and dressier summer looks, making them a staple for weddings, garden parties and - the moment we’re back on them - holidays! We carry more relaxed styles too, the collection features 3 heel heights and a range of colourways meaning they can fit perfectly into life's more casual moments. Ribbon styling is an important part of ‘the look’ - a great way to dress the Dali up or down. We recommend the single front cross tie for lower wedge styles, it’s just one bow, wrapped at the front and looks great with cropped jeans or shorts, or for more daytime casual moments, like the beach use this style, but tied at the back. Whilst, the double lace wrap around is great for a dramatic look - wrap up the leg twice, elongating the calf and tie the front in a bow - an effortless party style.

All our espadrilles are manufactured in Spain by master weavers and leather workers, using traditional production techniques and artisanal materials. 100% biodegradable they’re crafted from local materials, such as Mediterranean jute, which grows throughout the region. The jute is braided and handcrafted on a turntable, before being reinforced with a layer of natural rubber to make our signature comfy soles. The uppers are then attached using the same technique, hand-cut and hand-sewn from local linens, Raffia and butter-soft leathers. Before adding the final touch, in the form of our signature velvet ribbons, woven through each shoe to bring a style that is totally unique to the PC Dalis. They’re a credit to the many hands that make them and are well and truly built to last.

  1. Cognac

  2. Tan

  3. Black

  4. Khaki


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