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Caramelo Leather Belt - Black/White



Size Guide

Measurements (from the base of the buckle prong):


First Hole: 75cm 

Last Hole: 86cm


First Hole: 85.5cm 

Last Hole: 97 cm


Handcrafted in vegetable dye leather, the Caramelo Belt is inspired by authentic Spanish hand-punched, trocollage designs from the archives. This cut out design with white leather underlay and over-stitching in bone white, depicts a wrapped sweet shape, and is so-named, ‘caramelo’ - the Spanish word for ‘sweet’. Available in this easy combination of black and white as a timeless design in a classic colourway.

As each belt is handcrafted individually and is unique, very slight variances may be seen when comparing.

SPEC: Spanish leather belt with leather underlay and stitchwork. Italian brass buckle. Made in Spain.

SMALL LEATHER GOODS: Protect with Protector Spray, which will help shelter from the elements by repelling water, mud, and oil. Softly wipe away dirt and dust with a dry Application Cloth.

Please see our care page here for tips on how to keep your products looking healthy and well-lived in, for many more years to come.

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