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Summer Lookbook

Summer Lookbook
While designing this summer’s collection, I watched the seasons change from my studio window without interruption. In early spring a pheasant knocked on my window with its beak every evening at dusk while I drew. As I walked the surrounding hills and enjoyed warm evenings in our rose garden accompanied by the soporific sounds of doves cooing, I sensed that this collection was destined to reflect the countryside around me.
From the delicate hues of roses, periwinkles, and hydrangeas to the natural tones of the landscape, all have inspired the season and are depicted throughout this collection by the artist and wallpaper designer Floral Roberts.
We hope this summer collection will instil a sense of optimism for the months ahead and awaken a bucolic state of mind and love for the natural world that is all around us. It’s an emotional collection that is not about the extraordinary. It’s simply about the pleasure of the ordinary.
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  1. Cognac

  2. Tan

  3. Black

  4. Khaki


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