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A Conscious Christmas List

A Conscious Christmas List
As we all become more awake to the wasteful elements of our lives, Christmas is something we’re starting to celebrate a little more consciously. That doesn’t mean we need to stop giving gifts to the people we love, but perhaps be more thoughtful about the gifts we do give. For us, focussing on products that last is nothing new, and nobody knows this more than the Chilvers family themselves! Penelope’s husband Steve still wears the boots she made him 15 Christmases ago, resoled - but as good as they were on the day he opened them! So if you’re looking for presents with longevity and purpose, the PC Gift Guide is here. We’ve tried to include something for everyone, including stocking fillers, little ones and the four legged friends in your life, but if you need inspiration, or have any questions you can always get in touch with us at

We’re also using this month's journal to tackle some of the less sustainable parts of the holiday. First on the list is wrapping paper — with so many eco options around, there has never been a better time to go plastic free (we’ve been doing it for 20 years!). A good place to start is checking on the businesses you’re buying from, to see if they have a sustainable wrapping service, or come in plastic free packaging. If so, all you need is some nice, raffia ribbon for a bit of garnish. Or if you’re looking to wrap bigger items, check out the recycled paper options, now available in lots of stores. And for the very creative amongst you, there is newspaper — our in-house stylist Gemma Sort Chilvers has wrapped her gifts with a little help from The Sunday Times, for the past three Christmases, and is a serious champion of the printed look!

If you’re expecting family and friends to be dropping in and out, we’ve also been borrowing tips from friend and PC Pioneer, Xanthe Gladstone. Looking at how we can avoid lots of wasted food. Follow the link at the end of the page for recipes and details. Highlights include charing your leftover sprouts and popping them on toast with homemade labneh, winter minestrone soup, (which is a great way of using up garden veg in one big pot!) Or for those looking for a more indulgent option, a kimchi and cheese rosti, to finish all the ends that are always left on a cheese board! A full list of Xanthe’s recipes can be found on her website, and don’t miss our adorable dog collars, and Mini Tassel Boots, a favourite of HRH Princess Charlotte, happy hunting!

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