Oldest & Dearest






"Chewed by our puppy 10 years ago and emotionally tied" Steve Hastings

Yard Boots, 11 years old


"We've been to Glastonbury together" Gemma Sort-Chilvers 

Kalahari Boots, 4 years old








"I had to be forced to stop wearing these" Lisa Armstrong - The Daily Telegraph

Mid Calf Tassel Boots, 8 years old



"Walked 34kms in these, no blisters" Africa Sort-Chilvers

Safari Boots, 5 years



"Re-soled 3 times" Flora Hastings

Chelsea Boots, 6 years



"Can't quite say goodbye" Archie Duckworth

Flat Espadrilles, 5 years



"From the Australian bush to the streets of London, they do the job" Emma Turner

Jungle Boots, 3 years



"Any time, any place, anywhere" Georgie Rouse 

Long Tassel Boots, 10 years


"My very first of many Dandy slippers and still my favourites" Penelope Chilvers

Dandy Slippers, 7 years


Photography by Flora Hastings