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Long Boots


WILLOW CROSSLEY is a nature writer and high-profile floral stylist. She is the author of four beautiful lifestyle books: The Art of Handmade Living, Inspire: The Art of Living with Nature, Flourish and her latest book, The Wild Journal.


What will you be doing in your PCs?

Everything. They're velvet and I probably shouldn't wear them for my everyday life, flowering and being outside but I think life's too short and I haven't taken them off. They're making me so happy.

Why did you choose your style?

I’m mad about velvet and always trying to find the perfect winter boot. These are a dream combo.

A Man Making Shoes


What steps are you taking to incorporate sustainability into your life and work?

The floristry world isn’t great when it comes to single use plastics. I’ve stopped using floral foam and re-use containers and flowers as much as possible. I use plants too in the place of cut flowers where I can and then replant them in the garden after the event.

What draws you to nature and working with flowers?

I’m definitely at my happiest when I’m outside in nature. Working inside all day is not good for my emotional state! I feel very lucky that my work allows me to be outside much of the time.

Chelsea Boots

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