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Behind The Scenes Spring 2024

Behind The Scenes Spring 2024

Come behind the scenes on our Spring Collection shoot, which took us to the Balearic island of Ibiza to showcase our favourite styles in that famous golden light.

Behind The Scenes Spring 2024

Our Sping Collection shoot took us across Europe and onto the Balearic isle of Ibiza, it was October and the island was softly winding into autumn. Bathed in its famous, golden, equinox light - it felt like the cobbled streets and windy coast roads were relaxing into quieter times and enjoying the soft sunshine. Making them the perfect backdrop for Spring 2024, a collection filled with stylish, transitional pieces, handcrafted and designed to take our customers effortlessly from season to season.

The shoot was a collaboration with Petunia. A secluded hotel, overlooking the beautiful, ionic rock of Es Vedra, and dedicated to sustainable travel practices and natural design. Many of the images are shot in the hotel, or down by the water below. As our pieces popped on and off boats bobbing in the bright blue of Balearic Sea, or sat stylishly under tables laden with fresh seafood and pale white sangria

It felt so joyful to capture our soft colour palettes and handcrafted accessories looking perfectly at home beside the rustic timbres and textures of the mediterranean. Our growing pump and espadrille collections, hopped over the the ancient cobbles of Ibiza’s old town with ease, just as any PC piece should - the ultimate balance between comfort and style, whatever the terrain!

And the shoot was styled with a number of our favourite Independent British brands, including; With Nothing Underneath, Soler London and of course vintage pieces from Laura Von Behr and London Vintage. We hope the styles will serve up outfit inspiration for our customers, and showcase the elevated elegance of this collection, and the magic energy that adventure and travel can inspire in us all…