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Sustainable leather sourcing

Having always been a very sustainably conscious brand, it is important for us to trace the origins of our leathers and how sustainable our tanneries are. We review each tannery’s sustainable credentials and whether they are part of Leather Working Group to give us a good guide on what standards are being kept.


Leather Working Group is a non-profit organisation, founded in 2005, with over 400 members internationally including tanneries, NGOs, suppliers, retailers, and auditors. Leather Working Group (LWG), was created to assess the environmental compliance of manufacturers. This enables tanneries that are doing a great job for sustainability to stand out and enables ethical brands like us to make better choices in our sourcing. The tanneries are rated on a specific list of criteria including workers ethics, water and waste management, water and energy consumption, recycling, environmental practices, and traceability of hides.

The assessment scores are classed with a simple rating system:

85+ Gold

75+ Silver

65+ Bronze

Fail - audited (which is a low pass)

We are proud to say that all the tanneries we source from comply with the LWG standards (or their industry equivalent) and it is our pledge for the future, to continue sourcing leathers almost exclusively from Silver and Gold certified tanneries and to be as transparent as possible in our approach to sustainability.