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Long Boots


MIQUITA & ANDI OLIVER are a force to be reckoned with. The former is a successful tv presenter and the latter a famous chef & television host. They came together in lockdown to host a series of cooking videos on Instagram and we’ve wanted to see more of them working together ever since - watch this space!


What will you be doing in your PCs?

M: Working and walking - two of my favourite things.

A: I’ll be wearing my boots on set because they are so comfortable & I have a lot of stomping around to do!

Food seems to really bring you guys together in such a joyful way! What’s your favourite dish to make?

M: My favourite dish for mum to make me is her shepherd's pie.

A: Miquita is my recipe tester – all the new dishes that I work on for Wadadli kitchen have to get the thumbs up from her first – the latest is a zingy citrusy salt fish salad that she loved.

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As a family business, we love seeing mothers and daughters working together. What is it like to work together and do you have any more joint projects in the pipeline?

M: We have been working on a really exciting TV show. And as mother and daughter we are evolving at work. Not just as presenters but producers as well, which is fun and challenging and exciting all at the same time!

A: We love to work together, we bounce off each other really well & are constantly spurring each other on to greater heights. We've just finished filming an incredibly exciting project that will be on in November this year – so stay tuned!

PC is a brand rooted in adventure, if you could go anywhere and do anything right now, what would it be?

M:​​ I’ve recently become really obsessed with the Scottish Hebrides and all its history. I am also half Scottish so it makes sense that I am being drawn to this part of the world, but it’s so romantic and wild, which I love!

A:​​ If I could go anywhere, I’d go to the Caribbean Latin American countries; I'm so intrigued by the food in places like Puerto Rico & Cuba. Also, I am desperate to visit a restaurant in Savannah called ‘The Grey’ it's run by a chef I hugely admire called Mashama Bailey so that’s got to be on the list too!

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