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Mayan Belt - Pink



Size Guide

Measurements (from the base of the buckle prong):


First Hole: 80cm 

Last Hole: 90.5cm


First Hole: 88cm 

Last Hole: 99.5 cm


These Mayan hand-woven cotton and leather belts are authentically made for us by Guatemalan artisans whose specialist weave techniques have been passed down through generations. The leather is cut and stitched typically by male artisans, and the colourful woven cotton is handmade on a backstrap loom by the women. The culture of crafts is unique in this part of the world, and these are made for us in the Mayan highlands fusing traditional techniques with contemporary colour and style. Available in this eye-catching hot pink, it really is the perfect handcrafted accessory that will give an instant update and support artisan trades. 

SPEC: Woven cotton & leather belt. Leather lined with a leather-covered buckle. 

TEXTILE CARE: Cotton, linens and mixes can be gently cleaned with a barely damp sponge. Be extra gentle with velvet, simply restoring with a steamer or hold at a safe distance from a boiled kettle and steam whilst brushing the pile with a soft brush. Always allow any moisture to dry naturally. Finish by spraying with a Protector, which will help shelter from the elements by repelling water, mud and oil.

Please see our care page here for tips on how to keep your products looking healthy and well-lived in, for many more years to come.

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