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Our collections are founded on long-lasting, slow fashion. Our artisans work with natural materials which age and wear beautifully, and these materials are—due to their natural qualities—susceptible to imperfections and details. It's all part of their character and only adds to the beauty of the product. Watch Penelope's care videos below for tips on how to keep your products looking healthy, and well lived in, for many more years to come.

This video is a guide on how to clean your boots, and the materials or products we recommend. The regularity of this will depend on how often you wear them, but for well worn boots we would recommend a quick clean every two months.

Your boots may arrive with a slight scuff or imperfection on the upper. This is because we use natural, untreated leather, and our packaging, or in fact the other boot, has likely just rubbed up against it! It can be cleaned off using a little bit of leather cream (or even hand cream) and a clean cloth. See our video below for more details.