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Made In Spain

For Spring 21 we travelled to the source; to my beloved Spain. I spent valuable time with our makers working through new ideas and designs, feeling that strong and delicious reconnection with the source of my design inspiration and the authenticity of our brand.

We went a distance from the city to a simple life of subsistence up in the foothills of the Andalusian mountains. We chose a landscape of cabbage patches and wild cats, ungritted paths, and ancient pine forests. By discovering this peaceful lifestyle, where one lives and works from the land, we uncovered mysteries of an ancient equestrian culture, that continues to feed my imagination.

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Colours are inspired by the land throughout with new natural tones of tan, khaki and terracotta. These come together as contrasts in our Colourblock Nelson and Amelia tread sole styles. Butter soft leather Navigator boots on lightweight crepe rubber soles add a pop against the natural backdrop with flashes of yellow and green neon elastic. Horsebit clogs in mainstay black and optic white leather Highlander slip-ons are old school and remind us of our equestrian roots.

Catch a glimpse into this gentle slow life that is least affected by the outside world of consumerism, where seasons lead the way for practicality, and life continues at its daily pace.