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The Homecoming Collection

Relating to the pleasant aspects of the countryside and countryside life


For this season, I found the most rooting and poetic inspiration in the lush beauty / bucolic bliss of the Gloucestershire countryside. Our family home is in this pocket of rural heaven, I absolutely adore our way of life here and I wanted to share the essence of that with you - wet rambles, mucky dogs, long soaks, toasty firesides. steamy cups of tea, pub walks and a little fizz here and there. I believe in the beauty of the weathered life - the character, strength and little details - our ‘go anywhere do anything’ mantra really comes to life here, kicking the mud off your boots and getting stuck in.

Running my business on core sustainable values means so much to me, and being surrounded by nature really drives home to me the importance of being a brand with purpose, taking care of our environment and being considerate of our footprint in every sense. I hope you can feel this in every part of the journey with us and especially in the quality of the pieces. As we roll into wintery seasons, the poetic fallacy of the countryside is something that I find so restorative, giving such an eternal love for life. The perfect burst of energy for the newness we have in store this season.

So, bundle up, take a cleansing breath, shake your shoulders, feel that gentle smile take its rightful place and find your most joyous self in your own homecoming.

(A special thank you to Archie at The Kings Head, Bledlington for allowing us to shoot in such a fabulous establishment!)


Penelope x

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