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The Suján Smoking Slipper

The Suján Smoking Slipper

The SUJÁN Smoking Slipper in collaboration

with SUJÁN's Anjali Singh

Our latest collaboration with conservation safari brand SUJÁN is designed to make a difference and to help raise awareness and funds for SUJÁN’s Tiger Conservation initiatives and projects in Ranthambhore, Rajasthan.

Co-designed by Penelope Chilvers and Anjali Singh, Owner and Creative Director of SUJÁN, 10% from the sale of each SUJÁN Smoking Slipper will be directly donated towards SUJÁN’s Tiger Conservation projects in Ranthambhore, Rajasthan, India.  


We as a brand are built on strong beliefs and firm directions and conservation and the preservation of the world’s natural environment is a pillar for the brand, that has led to many earlier partnerships within the safari industry.


  Tigers have lost over 93% of their natural range in India and are critically endangered. Just over a century ago, 100,000 wild tigers roamed across Asia. Today, whilst official government numbers vary it is estimated that fewer than 3,900 live in a mere 4% of their historic range.


In Ranthambhore, SUJÁN's projects help to combat wildlife crime and provide critical anti-poaching support, ensuring more secure corridors and habitat for tigers. With their combined efforts, in the last decade, the number of tigers has nearly doubled to more than 71 today. 


Made of deep green velvet inspired by the Ranthambhore forest and embellished with an embroidery of one of Anjali’s favourite Ranthambhore tigers in gold thread, the slipper is lined in beautiful burnt orange leather giving a nod to these magnificent big cats.  


 The slippers are handmade by a small atelier in Spain that works exclusively with Penelope Chilvers.



SUJÁN’s Founders and Owners Anjali and Jaisal Singh carry a family legacy of wildlife conservation for three generations. The son of wildlife filmmakers who first came to film tigers in the wild in 1974, Jaisal Singh grew up in the jungle of Ranthambhore, which since has become the world’s most famous National Park for observing tigers in the wild. 


SUJÁN was founded in 2001 when Jaisal built SUJÁN Sher Bagh, Ranthambhore, the first positive impact safari camp of its kind in India and a new benchmark for conservation tourism. Today along with his wife Anjali, Creative Director of SUJÁN, they have three leading conservation focused, wilderness camps in Rajasthan, which benefit local communities as well as play a role in preserving indigenous wildlife and their habitats for future generations. 


“It has been great fun designing this small collection with Penelope, as someone who wears a lot of her boots on safari it seemed the perfect synergy for our brands to collaborate. We hope the collection will not only inspire customers to come on an Indian safari adventure at SUJÁN but also inspire people to support conservation missions when they travel and when they shop by choosing brands that truly make a difference. “ 

Anjali Singh, Co-Owner and Creative Director, SUJÁN. 


The luxurious slipper for men and women is perfect for those post-safari cocktails around the crackling campfire at SUJÁN Sher Bagh and will also enhance and enrich any daytime look and remain a constant ‘go-to’ style for the peak festive season. Gifting with a difference has never felt so good or looked so divine. 


Photography credit: Anjali Singh


Photography credit: Anjali Singh


Photography credit: Anjali Singh