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Tassel Boots


CALLIE COLES is an accomplished horse rider & trail huntswoman with a deep understanding for the British equestrian world. She is mother to two boys who she is bringing up in rural bliss in deepest Dorset – surrounded by animals and whose pony is often invited into the house for teatime!

What will you be doing in your PCs?

Going racing and walking the dogs (if it’s not too wet and muddy!)

Why did you choose your style?

They are beautiful and useful. They’re wonderful.

You and your family lead an equestrian lifestyle, where did your love of horses begin?

My love of horses goes back through generations of our family. It’s deeply ingrained in me. My grandfather got me started on his old racehorse Thornton.

How would you define your sense of style and does it resonate through to your equestrian wardrobe?

My style is old fashioned. I live in hand-me-down heirlooms and proper pieces of well-made, traditional clothes that I have saved up for. I buy high quality clothes in small quantities - they are special treats - that will last me forever.

Callie's Accessory Edit