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Long Boots


BEE OSBORN who is Inchabld trained started working in interior design over two decades ago. Inspired by repeated requests for the products she was sourcing, she decided to develop her own brand and sell some favourite pieces both online and from her shop—beneath her design studio in Chipping Norton.

Which style did you choose and why?

The Nelson Boot because they are so versatile and you can wear them anywhere.

Your instagram is an idyllic representation of Cotswolds life, how important is nature in informing your aesthetic?

Extremely, I love the colours of nature, for instance, the bark of a tree, but I also try to recreate the calmness that being amongst nature makes you feel. Something I think we all crave is this busy, modern world.

Your line of homewares has been so popular, what other projects do you have in the pipe?

We are completing three hotel projects in Spain this year, plus also doing lots of residential projects in the U.K. Covid has made us reassess what our homes mean to us, and with so many now working from home in the countryside, we’ve been busy adapting spaces!

What were the biggest lessons you’ve learnt from building your business?

To go with your gut and to keep costs to a minimum.

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