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Long Boots


XANTHE GLADSTONE is a chef and food sustainability advocate. Her work seeks to educate and inspire people about the positive effects that the right food choices can have on ourselves and our environment. Championing small steps such as eating, shopping and growing more responsibly alongside delicious everyday recipes.

Which style did you choose and why?

I chose the Geographer Boots because I just love the style and also how sturdy they are!

As a grower, a lot of your work is outdoors, what do you think you can learn from being so in tune with our changing seasons throughout the year?

I think it makes me learn to appreciate where my food comes from, and how much effort it takes to produce high quality food. It has also taught me how much impact your surroundings can have on your mental health, which is so important considering the years we’ve just had.

Your work focuses on education, helping people eat in a style that is sustainable and delicious. How do you feel about the environment today?

It’s quite scary to think about the environment and the position we are in in terms of climate change. But when I think about how to educate people about the food system and the positive impacts we can make, I try to not let it overwhelm people but focus on the small everyday lessons and cooking good food, as the easiest way to draw people in. There is still a long long way to go, but the pandemic has definitely made people pay attention to not only their own health but the small habits in their day to day lives and the effects they have.

We all know we must eat more local seasonal food, what would you recommend as a few easy pieces everyone could grow?

I think herbs are definitely a good place to start. I use herbs in almost everything I cook and they are so easy to grow, especially on a windowsill or something similar. Also, tomato plants in summer are fun to nurture and when you get your first tomato, it’s the biggest reward. Again, they can live in a pot on a windowsill!

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