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Long Boots


Marina Gibson is fanatical about fishing, travelling the world with her fly rod while inspiring us all to find enjoyment in the great outdoors. She is a renowned fishing instructor, guide, and conservationist and teaches the art of fly fishing from the school she founded, the Northern Fishing School in North Yorkshire.

You have chosen the Inclement Cropped Tassel Boot from our collection. Can you tell us why?

Firstly, they are waterproof so they're perfect for bankside fishing. I will also wear them walking my two dogs and pottering around outside. These short ones are great when I'm fishing from the bank and I don't need to step into water more than a few inches deep and the long Inclements (which I have too!) I can pretty much wear all the time when I'm instructing at the fishing school on the grass and the lake. I'm looking forward to wearing both styles with dresses and casual wear, and they will certainly be worn out to the pub and country events too...

We are inspired by the great outdoors and a spirit of adventure. What’s your favourite thing about fulfilling a career in the outdoors?

I'm lucky that part of my job is to spend time outdoors, fishing and teaching people how to fish and I'm not bound to my desk from 9-5, 5 days a week. I'm fortunate to have learnt so much over the last ten years about aquatic environments and also share my passion with so many people. I guess I feel incredibly free when I'm outdoors, like nothing else matters.

You are a trustee for River Action UK. what is the main threat the fishing industry faces and how are your sustainability efforts working to combat this?

You couldn't even count the threats on your two hands, there are that many. Water pollution has been and continues to be a huge concern. It's beneficial for anyone who lives in the UK right now to support the charities, organisations and citizens who are championing for clean waters. Visit: and follow Feargal Sharkey on Twitter.

You were inspired to start fly fishing, by your mother Joanna, herself a devoted fly fisher. How has this empowered your career?

When you see your mother participate in something and she does it well, you strive to follow in her footsteps. Fishing was ingrained as our family tradition and we had no choice but to get our wellies and waders on and get out there and catch fish! I first picked up a rod when I was 5 and I can safely say that it was the best thing my parents ever made me do!

What has been your biggest challenge as a woman in this male-dominated industry and how have you overcome it?

The toughest part for me has been hearing people say "She is not a good role model for other women and never will be", "The reason why she's done so well is because she's a girl". I remember going onto a fishing forum and reading some really sad things about what people were saying about me and just said to myself, "keep going and be as good as you can be". All these comments have made me work harder and "do better" (so thank you).

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