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ELIZABETH SALTZMAN is a renowned London-based stylist working internationally. After eight-years as Senior Fashion Editor for Vogue, she joined Vanity Fair as Fashion Editor and then Fashion Director. Today, she serves as Contributing Editor at AirMail and British Vogue.

Elizabeth Saltzman

What will you be doing in your PCs?

Anything and everything! I mostly imagine a lot of long walks with my favourite walking partner, our beloved dog, Fred.

Why did you choose your style?

I like to buy less but buy better. My first Penelope Chilvers boots have lasted me well over 12 years and have been used almost every weekend… so to be versatile and make a good investment with fantastic style, I choose these. It’s a huge bonus that they are seriously comfortable.

Tassel Boots

Elizabeth Saltzman

Do you have any adventures planned for when this pandemic is over?

Every day is an adventure, I am here today and like to live in the present… That is what the pandemic has taught me. I travel mentally every day, right now in my dreams I’m in Maui, but I am appreciating the change in the colours of the leaves in beautiful London right now.

You are always working on multiple projects. Other than fashion styling, what is your other favourite line of work and what is your most-loved activity during your precious time off?

.. I am most happy with helping others and trying to find solutions for brands and designers. Of course, anything to do with cleaning up the oceans and trying to convince everyone, every brand, every person to plant more trees.

Elizabeth Saltzman

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