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Penelope Chilvers, Founder and Creative Director

Why did you choose your style of boot? What is it about this style that you like? The Wander Boot in white leather is cut low at the ankle which I love, as I’m not tall. I will wear them with dresses, jeans and culottes all summer long in London, for work and travel, with or without socks.

What was it like to work on this project? It was great fun! It was amazing to meet so many inspirational women, some of whom are great friends of mine, and some who have been incredibly supportive in my journey to build my brand. I started my business selling to friends and family, some of who are still our most loyal customers. We enjoyed a warm atmosphere on the day with so much family love in the room.

How would you describe your daughter’s style? She’s experimental. She has styled the last few Penelope Chilvers lookbooks, and I really love how she puts clothes together and creates a strong brand vision. She just ‘gets’ the brand’s philosophy innately - that carefree, not too self-conscious, effortless approach to dressing is natural to her too.

How does creativity play a role in your family? We are a very creative family. A family of designers, writers, artists. So, I suppose everything we approach in life is from an artistic slant.

What do you two have in common? I think we are both very good at finding hidden gems in markets all over the world. Our favourite thing is a morning at Portobello Market shopping for vintage clothing.

What good things have been passed down from generation to generation? I’m not a good time keeper and I believe Gemma is the same. But, looking for something good in that, I’ve taught my children not to panic unnecessarily. Perhaps it’s a Spanish thing. The “mañana manana” approach is good for the soul but can be irritating to others.

Define family in 3 words: Unity, Love, Home.

You make shoes for travel and adventure. Where will you wear yours? I design shoes for dream destinations to visit throughout the seasons. For the snow and freezing temperatures, for walking the dog in the park, for safari adventures and for long summers walks. I find inspiration in travel and a fun outdoor life. I travel a lot for work and design with the next trip in mind.

Gemma Sort Chilvers, Fashion Stylist

What does Penelope Chilvers mean to you and what is your connection with the brand? It means everything to me, I am so proud of what my mum has achieved.

Why did you choose your style of shoe? What is it about this style that you like?I chose the Pony Slipper Mule. I love an animal print and although they were made to be slippers, I think they’refar too cool to only wear around the house! I often pair these shoes with a party dress for a relaxed going out look.

How would you describe your mother’s style? My mother has amazing style. She makes gorgeous shoes and knows exactly how to style each different product with her own wardrobe beautifully!

How does creativity play a role in your family? I inherited my creativity from my mother and have always been surrounded by it. All our lives we have enjoyed being creative together. We were always making things - Christmas decorations, re-decorating/painting walls in our house, upholstering furniture, sewing, making and printing clothes. I now enjoy having a look over the early stages of designs and offering my feedback on colour combinations!

What do you two have in common? Our humour and not being able to control ourselves when we get the giggles!

What exciting projects are you currently working on? I am Elizabeth Saltzman’s Fashion Assistant so I am constantly working on lots of exciting projects! Right now we are working towards getting all our girls ready for the Met Ball and Cannes Film Festival.