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Penelope Chilvers x Solar Sister

An Overview Of The Charity

  • Solar Sister is a charity that empowers local African women, supplying them with the appropriate resources and skills needed to start their own sustainable solar energy businesses, selling clean energy. Electricity coverage remains sparse throughout rural sub-Saharan Africa, with centralised power grids yet to reach ‘last mile’ communities. Unfortunately, people rely on expensive, low quality and potentially harmful energy options. Last year over 4000 Solar Sister entrepreneurs reached over 1.5 million people in Africa with clean energy

How Can You Get Involved?

Please donate your old Penelope Chilvers boots by bringing them into store or returning via our freepost return link below:

We will re-purpose them by sending them to Solar Sister in Tanzania and Nigeria. Your pre-loved Penelope Chilvers boots will help the Solar Sister entrepreneurs comfortably travel across rough terrain to reach their ‘last mile’ customers who live in the most rural areas. Your donation will allow women to get from A to B in a whole new setting, reaffirming the purposefulness and longevity of the boots and, most importantly, giving these women confidence, financial independence and respect within their community.

“At Penelope Chilvers, we are proud to provide boots for women to get from A to B; to run for a bus, jump on the tube or sit in the saddle! We make footwear to empower women to ‘get the job done’ whatever it may be.” Penelope Chilvers

"The Solar Sister Entrepreneurs are the most courageous, intrepid, bold, and determined business women you will ever meet! They are building sustainable businesses in the most difficult circumstances, what we call the 'last-mile', rural African communities that are beyond the reach of the electrical grid and, as the name implies, their customers literally live at the end of the road - often beyond the reach of roads and transportation. Penelope Chilvers boots are a welcome support…and these boots are up to the challenge."

Katherine Lucey 

Founder & CEO Solar Sister

“I believe there is no better end destination for these old faithful boots than to go to these amazing women for the many years of life still in them. Let’s kick up some African dust and help get the job done!” Penelope Chilvers


For further information on returning your boots, please contact our Customer Service team.