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Why are safaris your ultimate holiday experience? There is nothing else like a safari holiday for fun, adventure and excitement. Each day is different.  You are also always learning something in the pure wilderness - it’s a sensory overload. There is something invigorating about being truly away from it all.  But then Africa still has some incredible citiies and beaches to head to afterwards or before for a more traditional break if you want a combination of the two.

How often are you able to go on safari? We have guests who go at least twice a year and for other people they think it will be a once in a lifetime holiday, but normally when they have been once they have to go again!  It has that effect on you.

What’s your favourite memory from being on safari and what made it so special? There are so many!  But probably seeing my children on safari and loving it has to be the most special, they are now obsessed by it.

Safaris are notoriously expensive, why is it worth it for you? They are such good value when you think about it.  The cost of a safari includes all your accommodation, meals and drinks (no shocking bar bill at the end), as well as all your safari activities and conservation and national park fees (which go directly into conservation efforts).  A day on safari is not like any other holiday. You are entertained 24/7 and on a fully inclusive basis.

Can you recommend any safari reading? My most favourite book about Africa is “20 chickens for a saddle”, its real life in Africa and I laughed out loud several times whilst reading it.

When’s your next trip and what are you looking forward to the most? I am heading to the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania in July with my family and some friends, I am looking forward to an authentic safari with no crowds and hanging out in good company!

Why is conservation a subject close to your heart? I did zoology at University so conservation has always been close to my heart and that’s what took me to Africa in the first place.  Now it’s a joy to be able to support intelligent projects through Aardvark Safaris

Any safari destinations or animals that you still want to tick off your bucket list? Madagascar would be the only country I have not visited, I want to take 3 weeks to get to know it properly and it will possibly have to wait until my children are old enough to appreciate it.  Animal wise I have been incredibly fortunate.

Do you return to your favourite safari camps year after year and why? The best safari camp in Africa is Luwi Bush Camp in the South Luangwa National Pak, it has small (5 rooms) and built from new each year, in the heart of the park.  Its all about walking and seeing the wildlife in its wildest most natural state!  There is nothing fancy about this camp but its heavenly.

Who are your favourite companions on safari? Children! They ask the best questions, open up opportunities and they get pleasure from the smallest creatures to the largest. Most importantly they go with their eyes wide open and no preconceived prejudices.  

Tell us about Aardvark Safaris and how the business was created? Aardvark Safaris was started nearly 20 years ago, it was created by people with a passion for Africa rather than business accolades and I think that passion and genuine enthusiasm for all things safari has been the reason behind our success.