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Ariadne Irving, Editor at Cabana Magazine

Why did you choose your style of shoe? What is it about this style that you like? I chose the Camber Suede Shoe in sky blue. I absolutely love brogues, so this was a cool and modern alternative to the classic ones that I would usually wear. These are shoes that I can easily wear all year around but also at the office and then go straight out for dinner afterwards and not have to change. I also love a good, easy slip- on shoe!

What was it like to work with the brand for this project? I was so unbelievably nervous, but everyone, from the day I was asked to participate in the shoot to the moment we wrapped, was so supportive and sweet. It was such a lovely day with all our mothers there, chit chatting away. Penelope and the rest of her team and the team at MGC London were all so inviting and really allowed us to take the reins on our own style. And of course, we were shot by the amazing Lily Bertrand Webb, who instantly made us feel comfortable and just laugh in front of the camera.

How would you describe your mother’s style? Carolina Irving is a walking contradiction when it comes to fashion: she is the chicest woman I know but loves to wear her daily uniform of her Gap plaid shirt (which she owns four of) and Gap jeans; or swap that plaid top for a floral Indian shirt. But then she has these major fashion moments when she looks unreal. Long story short, she makes everything look good.

How does creativity play a role in your family? Creativity plats a massive role in my family as I grew up in an extremely artistic household. My father Ian is an art dealer from London but based in New York. I think he has the best taste of anyone I know, being very eclectic but also extremely sophisticated and learned. Then comes my mother who has an indefatigable eye for textiles from around the world.

What do you two have in common? Our thick hair. We are both very dramatic, passionate, creative and emotional women, something that we got from our Venezuelan side of the family.

What good things have been passed down from generation to generation? Curiosity, Creativity, Energy.

Carolina Irving, Textile Designer (Carolina Irving Textiles)

What does Penelope Chilvers mean to you and what is your connection with the brand? Penelope Chilvers represents exactly what I love in a brand. A product based on a strong culture but made cool and highly wearable. She has turned this into a fantastic lifestyle brand. You want to live in her shops.

Why did you choose your style of boot? What is it about this style that you like? I am obsessed with this style of boot. I love the height of it and like wearing it with cropped trousers, gaucho style. It is the perfect combination of folklore and chic.

How would you describe your daughter’s style? Ariadne has great style and a brilliant eye – it is a mix of punk and minimalism.

How does creativity play a role in your family? Both my girls are extremely creative in their own way. I think we’re all aesthetic junkies and are constantly looking out for something beautiful.

What good things have been passed down from generation to generation? I think we all have a great sense of curiosity and a love of romance and discovery.

Define family in 3 words: All That Matters.

Penelope Chilvers makes shoes for travel and adventure. How will you wear yours? That’s why they’re made for me! I will wear them with a very sophisticated coat or with jeans and a safari jacket.

What exciting projects are you currently working on? Launching my new collections of plates and table linens in the fall of 2018. Our table top accessories line will be called Carolina Irving and Daughters!