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Summer Souvenirs

Summer Souvenirs

Summer 2022 Collection

Penelope’s Personal Memories of Summer

Summer takes me to the Mediterranean coastline, where memories of holiday trips down a little cobbled lane to the local shoe shop remain golden. Bunches of jute, that I can still smell today, would hang from the ceiling and shoe boxes were stacked high. It was a holiday treat to choose a pair of rustic espadrilles each summer, in a new favourite colour. Perhaps this holiday memento led to a life-long love of the Catalan espardeña.*


When I spend time on the coast now, one of my greatest pleasures is to watch the local Catalans dance the Sardana, a folk-dance dating back to the 16th century. Typically danced in soft soled espadrilles, this dance is symbolic of people coming together, in a circle to become stronger and united. For this summer’s campaign, we honoured this ancient tradition by gathering locals to dance the Sardana wearing our new collection of Dali espadrilles. These velvet-ribboned espadrilles are our summer classics and the most versatile style for the warmer months. They can be worn informally and for an occasion as they are quiet-footed and firm on any garden party lawn.



I am passionate about the traditions and craftsmanship of my beloved Spain and it’s a constant source of design inspiration. Our summer sandals and accessories are made authentically, by skilled artisans who bring this ancient knowledge to work with them. It’s in their blood and it’s also in mine and it’s that passion and pride that drives me and reaffirms our ethos as a back to slow brand, making things well with no corners cut. 


I hope you enjoy!


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