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Tree Planting

Putting Our Planet First

We love the natural world and strive to introduce sustainable practices that reduce our carbon footprint. We already manufacture close to home, in Spain, to keep our carbon footprint low, and only use biodegradable materials in our packaging.

Together, we can make an even bigger impact on helping the planet reduce carbon emissions and are delighted to announce our partnership with more:trees.

For every order you place we will plant a tree automatically helping offset climate impact as part of your purchase. Working with more:trees, we’re aiming to plant at least 25,000 trees a year!

Check out how many trees we have planted so far!

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How it works:

1. A tree is automatically added to your shopping basket when you place an order. This is a gift from us to you!

2. Along with your order confirmation, you will receive an email informing you about our tree planting partnership with more:trees and how we will plant a tree on your behalf.

3. If you wish to follow your trees progress and learn about trees being planted in forests across the world follow the instructions in the email and create a more:trees account. At any time you can unsubscribe from this program if you do not wish to receive further information.

The benefits:

Carbon Offsetting - Every tree planted offsets an estimated 0.3tof CO2 overa25 year growth life-helping offset your carbon footprint

Bigger impact - You can plant your trees in forests across the world, bringing co-benefits such as poverty alleviation, supporting biodiversity and reversing deforestation.

Simple - Planting trees with more:trees is super simple, whether you're planting as a one-off, for a friend or as part of a monthly subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the trees planted?

Penelope Chilvers plants their trees in Kenya within the Mida Creek which is on the east coast of Africa.

What type of tree is planted?


Why does Mida Creek need our help?

Large-scale mangrove deforestation from land cleared for fuelwood, charcoal, prawns and salt production, coupled with the destructive El Niño in 1997 has led to limited fresh water, declining wild fisheries, soil and coastal erosion, reduced food sources and limited income.

We can help overcome these problems by planting trees in Mida Creek, employing local villagers to plant native tree species and work to restore the local environment while lifting communities out of poverty.

How do I plant my tree?

Following your purchase with us, a tree will automatically be planted in your name on the more:trees platform within 14 days. You will receive email confirmation directly from more:trees.

Please note that to facilitate this transaction, your name and email address are shared with more:trees (THG) and are used for the purposes of confirming and recording your tree only.

If you do not wish your details to be shared, please unselect the tree in your shopping basket.

When will my tree be planted?

Trees are planted as soon as possible, according to the planting seasons and weather conditions.

How do I know my tree has been planted?

more:trees works with established tree planting partners, who are heavily vetted to ensure they are planting trees, have reliable accounting and monitoring methods, and follow forestry best practices.